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So I admit I racked my brains on something to write about for this Halloween. Honestly not being the biggest in the straight horror genre I felt at a loss. Yet then like a divine bolt of lightning I found it. Something so horrific from my childhood I have to share it with the world…

Just look at it. Seriously look at that. No rhyme or reason just pure madness. In fact I remember this being on an entire CD of this Baha Men group songs made for being on soundtracks. Actually thinking back to Digimon and my relationship with the band Barenaked Ladies I spoken on before it looked to be a trend with music and the franchise.

So what about the song? Well something that I’ve heard time and again is “how can anything be spooky when you’ve got a Digimon?” Which yeah makes sense, not exactly going to worry about the mummy when I’ve got a revolver dinosaur dragon on my side now am I? Beyond that the beat is kind of bad, the repetition gets quite repetitive, and you can feel the just for a paycheck attitude oozing out of every crevice like something that oozes.

The group themselves are really only known for Who Let the Dogs Out, which was actually a cover believe it or not, but it isn’t a surprise this exists. I’m mean the already mentioned song about dogs and who let them free of a fate to be behind bars was used in everything back then.

Plus I’m not even going to post their rendition of Crocodile Rock for the sakes of our mutual sanities.

Still was there a point to this? No not really out of the Halloween things I’m writing this one is pretty small but, take it as a window. A window into the past and maybe the things we’d like to forget.

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