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What I like about the Jerry and Mufasa thing is that it lets a little girl have a childhood crush on an adult without exploiting it or normalizing it.  This fucking giant catman is just incredibly weirded out and nothing ever comes of it.  Their relationship ends up being very paternal and her emotions are never mocked or perverted and it all leads to her personal growth and— *stab through the gut*

Yes all this all of it.



The boyfriend and I were discussing how character customization is gonna work in the Hoenn remakes and I was going to say that they probably can’t give you variant skin and hair colors because the 3rd gen PC is Norman’s kid and then I realized that the XY Pokemom would have the same deal

I don’t have XY and the boyfriend is white as hell so we don’t know what happens when you make your character dark-skinned!  Does the mom’s skintone match yours?  I NEED TO KNOW THIS.

Maybe they’ll retcon it that the Gen 3 character is adopted so there is no conflict perhaps?

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